Just An Old Hippy Biker

This is My Story and I'm Stick'n to It

My "About" is being upgraded from a description of my past to the story of who I am now. My past is for my other stories, not for here.

I'm a 72-year-old guy living on a mountain in North Georgia in the Blue Ridge Mts. I've been writing on Medium for about two years.

I have survived an aggressive skin cancer, an addiction to meth (70s), and losing everything twice, including two homes and my life savings.

Past 20 Years (a Test)

I'm in recovery of sorts after losing everything in 2013 at 62 years of age. This happened ten years after losing everything the first time in, 2003 at 52. The 2nd time resulted in a bankruptcy.

All you can do is smile, laugh at the world, and keep going. The definition of a truly crazy person.

Past 4 Weeks (a Scare)

Four weeks ago, on a Saturday morning, I had trouble waking up after sleeping almost 10 hours. I was dizzy and nauseous. Checking my BP (blood pressure) it read 220/105. My first thought was... "uh oh, I may be in trouble". I was.

Now (Faith)

So what happened to me was I became very discombobulated 4 weeks ago, and still have trouble organizing my thoughts and staying focused.

The times I walk to the 'frig' to put away a box of cereal are fewer! I think I'm slowly getting better.

Writing has become a bit harder. But it's FUN as hell! And I still have stories to tell.

My outlook on life remains the same as it was when I first left home at 18... enjoy life. Live each day like it's your last. Have fun. Don't worry about what others think or say.

Be a good human.

So here I am... sitting on my arse, in a chair, at my desk, writing, enjoying myself, having fun while moving forward every day, and living every day like it's my last.

Because, one of these days it will be. After I reach 100.

Ain't life grand?

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I write non-fiction stories about life, sometimes mine, usually humorous. I also take photos and know things. My location: a mountain top in the Blue Ridge Mts.